Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Single Bed - John Lewis

Single Bed - John Lewis White
 Child Compliant Bed Frame

This wooden bedstead suits contemporary and traditional settings. It offers clean, simple styling and features a slatted headboard and solid slatted base for long-lasting comfort and durability.
This piece of furniture complies with John Lewis's child safety regulations. It has passed all safety and quality tests as set out by the British Standards Institution, and is suitable for use by children aged 4 years and over. Although I purchased it for a three year old.
 Link to John Lewis >> Buy here >>

Single Mattress Good Value Kids/Childs John Lewis

Single Mattress Good Value Kids/Child's John Lewis

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Wardrobe, Rich Cherry, 2 Door

Wardrobe, Rich Cherry, 2 Door

 Wardrobe, Rich Cherry, 2 Door - Found Here Good Price >>>

Double Wardrobe Solid Oak

Double Wardrobe Solid Oak

Double Wardrobe Solid Oak Traditional - Look here >> John Lewis

Wardrobe Triple by Willis & Gambier Lyon

Wardrobe Triple Willis & Gambier Lyon - John Lewis >>>

Solid American oak and oak veneers; its golden tones and occasional wood knotting complemented by a subtle lacquer finish. Its solid and sturdy form is offset with subtle curves and rounded handles, making it an elegant choice for both modern and country interiors.
Accented with a key and lock fastening, two doors open to reveal a spacious interior complete with hanging rail. A further single door opens onto a hanging rail and four shelves. Additional storage is provided by three bottom drawers.

Wardrobe - Willis & Gambier Lille 3 Door - John Lewis

Willis & Gambier Lille 3 Door Wardrobe
Classic French aesthetic, the Lille bedroom furniture range exhibits graceful curves and rich wood tones, to provide any space with warmth and visual impact.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Fanshawe Street Hertford - The Old Pest House

 The Old Pest House - Fanshawe Street, Bengeo, Hertford
Originally built in 1763 as an isolation hospital by medic Thomas Dimsdale who became
renowned for his efforts to stop the spread of smallpox by inoculating healthy patients against the deadly disease.

Monday, 21 December 2015

How to age bricks... Brick aging solution, Liquid Weather

Looking to age new bricks? How to age new bricks. Check this product out - Liquid Weather
Looks like naturally weathered bricks.

I've recently used Liquid Weather to tint both the new mortar and bricks on our extension. The bricks our builder sourced looked too uniform in colour in comparison to the existing original bricks on the house.


I applied the product using a paint brush and it seamlessly blended the recent brickwork with the old aged bricks. The 2.5L bottle provides great value for money when aging bricks on a large scale.
2.5L Liquid Weather- Coverage: approx 20 sq metres  or 1,240 bricks.

I carefully applied Liquid Weather to the reclaimed bricks randomly with a paintbrush (I actually considered every brush stroke!). I wanted to replicate the old sooty Red Rubbers/Soft Reds that are well aged on the existing Victorian building. Our old bricks vary in colour, I applied Liquid Weather to the new bricks, lightly in some areas and reapplied in other areas for a darker patina. 

I also painted bricks on our new front wall - The wall looked too new so I applied Liquid Weather to the edges of the piers and the horizontal brick capping.

Liquid Weather perfectly matches the patina of years of weathering with just one application and a few short hours. Guaranteed to leave the surface texture unchanged, resulting in an even, natural finish.