Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely Paintings
1960 Black & White Op Art Paitings - Victor Vasarely
Victor Vasarely
Biadan 1959
 Victor Vasarely Supernovae
Victor Vasarely
Victor Vasarely Op Art
1964 Bora III
 Victor Vasarely
1964 Caopeo
 Victor Vasarely the father of Op Art born 1908 at Pécs in Hungary.
School of Paris abstract painter, designer and maker of screenprints. Worked 1930-40 as a commercial artist, mainly designing posters. Interest in trompe-l'oeil effects, graphic patterns and space illusions. From 1944 devoted himself exclusively to painting. First one-man exhibition at the Galerie Denise René, Paris, 1944, with restless conflicting patterns incorporating zebras, chessboards, etc. Decided in 1947 to concentrate on constructive-geometric abstraction. Pioneered Op art in the later 1950s with compositions based on a continual aggressive interaction between different kinds of pattern, and invented a plastic alphabet of standardised colours, shapes, etc., which could be used in a wide range of permutations and would lend itself to endless reproduction.