Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Probor 20 Gel - Wood Preservative

ProBor 20 is a ready-for-use wood preservative gel based on boron, a naturally occurring mineral with a long history of use. It is used for the treatment of dry rot and wet rot in larger dimension timbers (up to 25mm x 75mm). It is also effective against wood-boring insects and is particularly useful when treating infestations of Deathwatch Beetle.

The high level of active ingredient in ProBor 20, combined with its gel formulation provide for excellent penetration into timber - particularly damp timbers which are particularly vulnerable to fungal attack (dry rot and wet rot).

ProBor 20 Gel is designed to be applied by brush directly to the surface of the timber. The application should resemble a thick coating of gloss paint. Depending on the density of the timber, it can take several days for the ProBor 20 to soak into the timber.

For effective results wood should be bare and clean. ProBor 20 Gel will not penetrate through paint, varnish, or other treatments which seal the surface of the timber. Such coatings must therefore be removed prior to treatment.

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